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In the spring of 2013, our founders were lucky enough to be working for multinational consulting and accounting firms. They felt fortunate about their circumstances, but realized not everyone was as lucky.

Then they learned that eight million Canadians dine out every single day, while almost one million youth are food insecure. They didn’t see this as a reason to feel guilty, but as an amazing opportunity. That’s when they had an idea.

What if those 8 million people could help all those youth? What if we could turn dining out into helping out? Now in the USA and Canada, Mealshare is doing just that, and we’d love for you to join us as we change the world.

Andrew Hall


Jeremy Bryant


Derek Juno


Breanne Sich

VP Marketing

Lori Elder

Victoria Community Leader

Tanya Clubine

Admin Genius

Lauren Grauer

Vancouver Community Leader

Amy Care

Development Genius

Katie Hession

Ottawa Community Leader

Mona Pinder

Calgary Community Leader

Shree Govindarajan

Edmonton Community Leader

Amy Dixon

Austin Community Leader

Heather Laird

Hamilton Community Leader

Joe Kotze

Toronto Community Leader

Audrey McNab

Bookkeeping Genius

Devan Wiebe

Vancouver Community Leader

Stacey Olsen

Montreal Community Leader

Valerie Ellah

Ottawa Community Leader

Board of Advisors

Our Boards ensure we have accountability & guidance as we grow from credible, experienced individuals

Board of Advisors

Bryan Pearson
Consultant, Speaker, Author

Elena Remoundos
Director of Marketing, Franworks

Mark Braiser
GM, TOMS Canada

Paul Dhillon
Human Resources Consultant

Shafin Diamond
CEO, Victory Square

Shayne Perrin
Owner, Blue Star Diner/ Dairy Lane Cafe (Founding Mealshare Restaurants)